The trends continue to change with the focus from plain traditional block out fabrics to a more textured translucent and sunscreens that really enhances consumers home décor. Whatever your fabric needs, we can source ranges from several suppliers. You can choose to order your fabrics cut to length from us or you can order skins cut to size from www.skinsnmore.com.au

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With space at a premium savvy small to medium blind & awning manufacturers are opting to use a skin service rather than having to store rolls of fabric at their premises. Michael Shaw, owner & founder of Skins N More says, “With the vast array of fabrics now available from suppliers it makes sense to order exactly what you need when you need it.”

“In the past, manufacturers would order a roll of fabric, cut what they need and carefully rewrap the roll and any offcuts for use later. The reality is that the remaining roll can never be located when required and the offcuts stored under the bench end up damaged. Further, slight changes in colour due to batch variances ensures that any savings in price is soon forgotten with the issues this brings.”

“Utilising our experience with fabrics and cutting techniques our customers tell us that they are selling fabrics they would have previously shied away from due to fraying issues. This has opened up the choices they can offer their clients and helps keep them ahead of the pack.”

“We recently added a swathe of new and existing fabrics from suppliers we all know and our “Find Your Fabric” tab makes locating your choice easy.”

“When you compare the price for a cut skin from Skins N More, it is often cheaper, even at face value, than cutting it yourself. What is even more amazing is the true cost, when you really do the sums on this properly. The costs that are not immediately though of are things like the outside of the roll being soiled or damaged in transit or the very end of the roll that is a useless size. Cutting errors or fabric being cut inefficiently are often not considered.”

Michael Shaw finishes with “Skins N More is a convenient online shop that offers the variety and convenience we have all become a custom to. With delivery available Australia wide ordering skins from Skins N More simply makes sense.

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