At the Blinds by Boronia Group (The Group) we pride ourselves on our quality, service, and excellence. We are proud to offer a 5 year* warranty on many of our product offerings. Other periods may apply as specified below.

We proudly offer this lengthy warranty providing our simple care and maintenance guides are followed and subject to some limitations.

For chain operated blinds our warranty is only valid providing all child safety devices are installed (without tension) and the installation of chain stoppers on roller blinds is crucial. Roller blinds with a 3:1 size ratio (drop should not be 3 times longer than the width) are problematic and may result in fabric cupping or fabric tracking issues that are not covered by warranty. Any fabrics that require railroading (turning on its side to accommodate a wide width) are not covered by warranty.

Our warranty commences from the date of invoice and covers our product only. All warranty claimed products must be returned to the BM Blinds head office (at your cost after the first 12 months). BM Blinds is not responsible for the removal or re-installation of warranty claimed blinds. The returned blinds need to be suitably packed so as not to cause any further damage during transport. Any further damage in freight is the responsibility of the customer.


Varied Warranty Periods

Sheerlight Blinds 3 years

Panel Glides 2 years

Awnings 1 year


What is covered?

Roller Blinds

–           Colour change or excessive fading due to ultraviolet light.

–           Heavy creasing or cracking of the fabric surface, excessive fraying of the edges, cupping or curling of the material. Warranty is void if the blind is exposed to extreme or corrosive environments which includes exposure to strong solvents.

–           Hardware including fabric, trim, tube, brackets, drive unit and hand chain when exposed to reasonable use.

Veri Shade

–           Track operation excluding normal wear and tear.


This warranty will not cover any fault that arises from inappropriate use, excessive force, abuse, malicious damage, or normal wear & tear. Further, this warranty does not cover consequential costs or damages.

Warranty is void if inappropriate cleaning materials are used or the coating is degraded by abrasion.



Roller, Verticals & Panel Glides

Lightly dust with a cloth or duster. Remove more stubborn marks by gently wiping with a clean soft cloth and kitchen detergent diluted in warm water. Do not roll blinds up until they have dried. All products should always be kept dust free and dry. Water will damage your products and void your warranty.

Vertical Blind & Panel Glide tracks can be lubricated if necessary, using Silicone spray – do not use WD40 as this will void your warranty.

Any motorized blinds should be treated as manual blinds remembering to change batteries in remote controls and battery-operated blinds when required. Batteries are excluded from our warranty. If your blinds are motorized, repeated use in a short period may cause your motor to overheat and automatically cut out until it cools down. This is a normal function and a safety override on your motor. Repeated pressing of remote buttons may result in this altering the pre-set limits on the remote and reprogramming is not covered by warranty.


Sheerlight Blinds

Regularly dust your Sheer Light blind with an anti-static cloth or brush. A hair dryer on a cold setting can be used to assist in keeping dust free from the middle of the blind. It is important not to crease or wet the fabric.


Veri Shades

Regularly dust the Veri Shades with a soft cloth. The fabric can be lightly hand washed and dried. It can be ironed with a cool iron or steamed to remove excess creases. Never use harsh cloths, harsh abrasives, chlorine or ammonia-based chemicals or cleaners on the Veri Shade surfaces as they may affect their appearance, longevity, and warranty. The tracks should be sprayed with silicone spray when needed with the billows removed. Please note that while Veri Shades do a great job of minimising the amount of light entering the room, they are still a segmented curtain with gaps between each segment. The free-flowing nature of this product means that the segments do not hang straight down, especially on long drops and may twist at the mid/bottom causing gaps. They do not offer total light block or privacy.